Write for Us

AttackPrevention.com wants to buy the rights to publish your useful and current whitepapers.

We can’t write everything ourselves, and we know in order to publish free whitepapers for our followers, we need to recruit technical writers like yourselves. After all, if your technical skills are up to par and you’ve spent a lot of time preparing documentation, you’ve probably got a lot of useful documents or whitepapers lying around collecting dust.

Check out the categories we’ve listed on our front page. If any of your technical documents or whitepapers would fit in these categories or subcategories we may be able to publish them.

Email us a copy of your document to Whitepapers@AttackPrevention.com. If we accept your whitepaper for publication, we will notify you.

The fine print:
Your whitepaper has to be written by only one author and you must be that author.
If your whitepaper turns out to be plagiarized, AttackPrevention.com will not accept liability. The liability will fall back on you.
AttackPrevention.com will not publish your whitepaper without the signed permission form and will not forward this whitepaper on to any other parties.
Keep security in mind when sending documentation that may compromise your network. Don’t send it to us.