pWeb Suite – A Set of Web Pentesting Tools

By Jay Turla
pWeb Suite (formerly known as pCrack Suite) is a set of Perl-based penetration testing tools primarily focused on web application security and vulnerability testing. This tool is brought to you by Douglas Berdeaux, a.k.a Trevelyn, who is the founder of Weaknet Laboratories and the lead developer of known open source security projects and tools like WEAKERTHAN Linux (a penetration testing distro aimed for wireless penetration testing and web application security), Warcarrier OS (Live DVD for WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Radio hacking), WiFiCake-NG, WardriveSQL, GPS-Parser-ng, WPA Phishing Attack for EAP Phishing, SSWR (Scripted Security for Wireless Routers), Catchme-NG, Perlwd (Perl UNiX MD5 HASH Cracking application), and many more.

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