ICSCorsair: How I Will PWN Your ERP Through 4-20 mA Current Loop

By Alexander Bolshev, Gleb Cherbov

ICSCorsair is an open hardware tool for auditing low-level ICS protocols. It can communicate with various systems using HART FSK and P8CSK, Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus, and Modbus protocols. You can control ICSCorsair via USB cable or remotely over WiFi, Bluetooth, or other wireless connection. Different software will be presented to work with ICSCorsair: Metasploit modules, apps for iOS, and Android, etc. In this talk, it will be shown how to trigger such vulnerabilities as XXE, DoS, XSS, and others in SCADA, PAS, ERP, and MES systems using only ICSCorsair and the opportunity to connect to low-level ICS protocol line.

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