How Sharpening the Focus for your Enterprise Mobility Toolkit Can Save Money & Simplify IT

By Shivesh Vishwanathan

The advent of mobile devices and BYOD, along with the IT department’s deployment of new technological capabilities, has brought on major changes in the way corporate IT manages productivity devices. In particular, these implications for endpoint management and endpoint security implementations will likely necessitate an update of your business’ enterprise mobility strategy and toolkit. e IT landscape can be broadly classified into five key areas – Devices, Networks, Users, Applications and Data – with each experiencing major disruptions in the last few years: Devices – Usage of smartphones and tablets have skyrocketed, and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has drastically changed how we view endpoints today. Network – Work is no longer confined solely within the corporate “walls” of the business LAN/WiFi connectivity. Today, it can be completed from home, using a cell network, public WiFi, and Hotspots.

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