Ghost Push Trojan still a major threat two years later

By Derek Kortepeter

Early last year, a Trojan virus by the name of Ghost Push infected 900,000 Android devices. Researchers at Google and elsewhere discovered that the Trojan was able to evade security measures on Google Play and third party sites. After the defenses were bolstered at these app stores, Ghost Push coders developed different offshoots of the Trojan. Now it appears that the virus is affecting Android users in catastrophic numbers once again. In a report published by Cheetah Mobile Security, researchers have identified the most recent infection pathways affecting Android devices. Pornographic links, malicious ad links (in apps and browsers), and apps themselves appear to be the most prevalent infection vectors. In particular, Cheetah Mobile found that two Android applications, Wireless Optimizer and WiFi Master Pro, not only carried Ghost Push but used the Trojan to gain root access.

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