A Survey of Wireless Mesh Networking Security Technology and Threats

By Anthony Gerkis

This paper will summarize the technologies and challenges related to wireless mesh networks. With the latest technologies in wireless LAN with WPA and 802.11i, enterprise deployments have finally begun to embrace wireless access networks. Wireless LAN technology has often been approached cautiously in enterprise deployments, partly due to well-known and easily exploitable attacks on early 802.11 security technology and partly due to the lack of physical control of the access medium (e.g., the often cited “equivalent of Ethernet in the parking lot” concern). Often the past several years, early adoption of some 802.11i security features by the WiFi Alliance in the WiFi Protected Access (WPA) interoperability forums, as well as the standardization of the 802.11i security amendment, has greatly improved the authentication, encryption and integrity security capabilities.

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