Mitigating Web Threats with Comprehensive and Pervasive Security

From collaboration to communication to data access, the web is a mission-critical business tool. Enterprises rely heavily on the web, not only to innovate and compete, but also to conduct daily business. But the web also poses significant security risks to the enterprise that are easily encountered by users but not so easy to detect.

Some of the most sophisticated web-based threats are designed to hide in plain sight on legitimate and well-trafficked websites. For example, “malvertising” is the new industry term for disguising malware as online advertisements. Watering hole attacks conceal malware on member-based sites, phishing targets individuals with personal details and botnets take control of victim’s devices.

Research conducted by Cisco® Talos found that 93% of customer networks access websites that host malware. These types of attacks often represent malicious code on “trusted” webpages that users may visit every day.

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