Why Does Your Organization Need Security Awareness Training?

by Claudio Dodt

Humans are the weakest link in information security. This simple and overly stated fact possibly will sound like a buzzword, but a quick glimpse at incident records, such as the famous Target case, or the more recent WannaCry massive attack, will show that even with the best technology in place, if the human factor is not taken good care of, the levels of exposition to threats, and subsequent impact, is way higher than what most would call acceptable.
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How Security Awareness Can Protect the Tech Industry

by Tahshina Mohsin

With the rise in cyberattacks every year, tech companies particularly need to secure their private infrastructures and employ effective threat intelligence. Today, it is not just about damage control but rather about preventive measures. This is why security awareness and the development of actions to mitigate threats and implement a protective strategy are critical for successful running of these tech organizations.
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The NeoSens Training Method: Computer Security Awareness for a Neophyte Audience

Tiphaine Romand Latapie

This briefing will propose a new way to train a neophyte audience to the basic principles of Computer Security. The training is developed around a role playing game consisting in attacking and defending a building. A debriefing is done after the game to highlight all the similarities between the game and computer security stakes. The presentation will focus on the main feature of the training, and a white paper explaining how to conduct such a training will be available.
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