Forensic Images: For Your Viewing Pleasure

By Sally Vandeven

For a student just getting started in digital forensics, concepts regarding forensic images can be confusing. Terminology like images, clones, bit-stream copies and forensic images are often used incorrectly, further complicating the issue. This paper will attempt to clear up the confusion. We will present an instructive clarification of what a forensic image is as well as what it is not. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive look at the many different ways to access data on forensic images using mostly open source tools on both Windows and Linux platforms.
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Commercial Computer Forensics Tools

By Infosec Resources

Contrary to popular belief, the domain of digital forensics is far from being monolithic. From the outside looking in, it might appear that computer forensics lacks versatility in terms of use cases. But just as computers have evolved over the years, both in terms of hardware and software, so has the landscape of retrieving valuable information from them through sound forensic techniques. Constant innovation in computing leads to better methods of encryption, concealment and manipulation of data. This consequently leads to the development of more powerful tools that can match the contemporary demands of digital forensics. Today, the tools for addressing various digital forensics use cases can be divided into multiple categories, whether we’re looking at differing systems or the range of forensic functions. In this article, we will look at these categories and discuss some of the most popular digital forensics tools available to us.

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