Introduction to IT Security & Computer Forensics – InfoSec Resources

By Dalasta Darren

This introductory course covers IT Security and goes more in-depth into Computer Forensics. There are 12 modules to cover the categories of Anonymity on the Internet, Darknets Tor Hidden Services, Anti-forensics with USB Rubber Ducky, Forensic Imaging, Forensic Recovery, Forensics with Autopsy, Network Analysis, Hacking Android, Armitage 101, Memory Analysis with Volatility, Network Analysis, and Forensics with DFF.

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Is The Security+ Still Worth It?

by Michelle Sellers

The Facts
The Security+ Certification was released in December 2002. The objectives were derived through input from industry, government and academia, a job task analysis, a survey of more than 1,100 subject matter experts and a beta exam with responses from subject matter experts around the world. The test questions were written by IT security professionals, so you can be assured of their relevance. It turns out to be a structured certification program that attempts to fill the gap for trained information security professionals. Since 2002 there have been approximately 10,000 CompTIA Security+ certified professionals in 112 Countries.
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