Security Awareness Roles

Information security has tremendous importance in preventing any kind of unauthorized inspection, use, modification, disclosure, access, destruction, disruption, or recording of information. In general, it is used regardless of the type of information in question.

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SecurityIQ, AwareEd, and PhishSim User’s Manual, Pt. 6: AwareEd

By InfoSec Resources

Maintaining an awareness education program is a requirement of most technology related regulatory and compliance standards. Security awareness programs can be complex and resource-intensive to manage for organizations of any size, but SecurityIQ can solve many of these issues with AwareEd. AwareEd provides organizations with a mechanism to automate the delivery, promotion, tracking, and reporting of a security awareness training program with minimal administrative time required.

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Security Awareness for Sales Representatives

By Dan Virgillito

The performance of salespersons is usually measured in terms of revenue, not in terms of security awareness. As a result, most of their efforts are geared towards closing contracts and not vulnerabilities. If your sales representatives do not know how to protect the confidentiality of business information, your valuable assets (corporate information) could be mishandled or accessed by unauthorized individuals. You also risk being non-compliant to laws that require enterprises to adhere to information safety and security awareness.
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Security Awareness for Customer Service Representatives

By Ryan Fahey

Customer service representatives are considered the frontline for your company. They have a huge effect on customer satisfaction so organizations usually spend a lot of money training them on how to treat these people well. While this makes sense, be certain that security awareness is a priority, too. Just about every company has some sort of policy that addresses the need for employees to support appropriate security measures. The problem is that this is generally about as far as their efforts go. Your company needs to have a security policy that speaks directly to the unique traits of customer service representatives. Think about the types of challenges they face.
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By Megan Sawle

Join us as we celebrate the 14th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month! We’ve crafted a series of new content to help you improve your workforce security awareness program. Our content release schedule includes several free new resources: October 3: Whitepaper: Four Steps to Launching a Successful Security Awareness Training Program October 10: Whitepaper: Tracking Security Awareness KPIs October 17: Whitepaper: Best Practices for Communicating Security Training Impact October 25: Webinar and Whitepaper: Developing Actionable Security Policies to Mobilize Your Workforce Against Cyber Attacks. Additional security-related articles and infographics will be published on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow us today to take advantage of more free resources and join us in celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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End User Security Awareness Best Practices: 12 Experts Weigh In

By InfoSec Institute

As security awareness continues to become an increasing focal point for the modern enterprise, security experts need to do everything in their power to stay on top of trends, current events and best practices. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to speak with some of the smartest folks in security and find out what best practices need be kept in mind regarding end user security awareness.

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Top 20 Security Awareness Posters with messages that STICK

Security awareness is a crucial consideration for businesses large and small today. Chances are good that you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in security awareness training for your employees. However, it’s just as likely that they’re going to forget much of what they learned. It’s natural – the daily grind tends to push everything but the most urgent of tasks from our minds. Security awareness posters (both electronic and printable) provide a visual reminder of important security tasks for everyone within your organization. Of course, not all posters are created equal, so we’ve assembled 20 of the best options out there.

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Top 20 Security Awareness Tips & Tricks

Keeping your data safe and far away from the clutches of the hacking community is a need of the hour in today’s world. We have compiled 20 of the most beneficial security awareness tips and tricks that should be common knowledge

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