Our Mission

Our Mission and Operating Principles

“To organize quality technical articles and white papers, and make these freely accessible to the largest audience possible.”

More and more, companies are requiring viewers to register before they can view white papers. There are two fundamental causes of this. First, vendors use a viewers registration information to make viewers into leads. The vendor can then call or e-mail the viewer in an effort to promote their product or technology.

Second, large publishing sites are now displaying these lead generating white papers. These websites will then sell the leads (viewers contact information) to vendors. These web sites usually get paid per lead, but may instead get paid based on the number of clicks or impressions the white paper receives.

Because of this increasing monetization of technical content, there are a large number of white papers that serve more as vendor specific marketing brochures than quality technical information. How can viewers decide whether or not they want to be a lead and possibly purchase the product or technology if they must submit their contact information and become a lead before reading the paper? How can advertisers expect quality leads if the lead is generated before the viewer even reads the white paper? The current white paper industry is getting paid based on the cost of a lead, when in fact a viewer should not be defined as a lead until they at least have a minimum understanding and are in fact interested in knowing more about the product or technology.

It is our opinion that a great portion of the white paper industry is in a “bubble”. The white paper market will shrink drastically as more viewers are made into leads for simply reading a paper, and as more viewers spend time registering for a paper that turns out to be marketing oriented.

We at AttackPrevention.com recognize this problem and operate within a set of guidelines that retain viewer trust and retention. Our operating principles are as follows:
•Only publish papers that offer substantial technical value to our viewers
•Never require a viewer registration to read content
•Never publish papers that are created primarily for marketing a product or service
•Never lose the trust of our viewers
•Never lose the trust of our advertisers

AttackPrevention.com is a for profit company. We make money by offering traditional web advertising in the form of banner and text advertisements. We may from time to time, promote products or services that do require registration. However we will always clearly define these as “advertisements” or “sponsors”. The worst thing that could happen to the long term viability of our business is to trick a viewer into becoming a lead.

Above all, we believe that publishing quality, free, vendor neutral content is good for our viewers. We believe that we can make a profit by allowing advertisers to communicate with this audience.