The Mathematical Algorithms of Asymmetric Cryptography and an Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure

By Ravi Das

Our last article provided an overview of what Asymmetric Cryptography Infrastructure looks like. It is far different than that of a Symmetric Cryptography Infrastructure, in that two sets of keys are being used; as opposed to just one set. In this regard, it is the Public Key/Private Key combination which is utilized. Thus it affords it a much higher level security than that of a Symmetric Cryptography Infrastructure. Also, an overview of the technical details of the Public Key/Private Key combinations was provided, as well as some of the disadvantages of utilizing an Asymmetry Cryptography Infrastructure. The biggest disadvantage is that it can be much slower to use. The primary reason for this are the number of Public Key/Private Key combinations which can be generated, and the sheer number of sending and receiving parties which can use them

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