Quantum Cryptography

By Coder Geek

“Quantum cryptography uses photons and physics to generate cryptographic keys” What is quantum cryptography? Quantum cryptography is NOT a new algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data. Rather it is a technique of using photons to generate a cryptographic key and transmit it to a receiver using a suitable communication channel. A cryptographic key plays the most important role in cryptography; it is used to encrypt/decrypt data. Types of cryptography There are two types of cryptography: Symmetric Cryptography Asymmetric Cryptography Symmetric Key Cryptography is also known as Secret Key Cryptography (SKC) where a key (any text, numbers, etc.) is used to encrypt data, and the same key is used to decrypt that data. The smallest change in the secret key will fail to decrypt an encrypted message. For example, text that is encrypted using AES encryption with key Infosec will fail to decrypt another cipher text which was encrypted using key INFOSEC.

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