Basics of Cryptography: the practical application and use of cryptography


Cryptography originated about 4000 years ago, and the world of cryptography has evolved a lot since then. Today ‘Cryptography’ is omnipresent in our lives without most of us realizing it. The fundamental aspect of ‘Cryptography’ has remained the same through time which is to hide information in transit and make it available only for the intended recipients. We will see the basic types of cryptography followed by the application and use of cryptography in real life. Cryptographic principles: Cryptography involves the use of terms like plain text, cipher text, algorithm, key, encryption, and decryption. ‘Plain text’ is the text or message that needs to be transmitted to the intended recipients and which needs to be hidden. ‘Cipher text’ on the other hand, is the text that has been transformed by algorithms and which is gibberish.

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