A Novel Selective Encryption Method for Securing Text Over Mobile Ad Hoc Network

by Ajay Kushwaha, Hari Ram Sharma, Asha Ambhaikar

In today’s era, security is getting important day by day. But security constraints for the text data which is sent over the network is also fetching confront with the attractiveness. This paper introduces a selective encryption method named Selective significant data encryption (SSDE) for text data encryption. The SSDE provides sufficient uncertainty to the data encryption process as it selects only significant data out of the whole message. This in turn reduces the encryption time overhead and enhances the performance. The encryption part is performed by the help of symmetric key algorithm. For this purpose BLOWFISH algorithm is used. First, I introduce the concept of cryptography, and symmetric and asymmetric types of encryption methods. Then the overview of selective encryption is given which is followed by the introduction of SSDE. In this research, I proposed a method SSDE which is compared with existing methods, that is, full data encryption and Toss-A-Coin method with the simulation experimental setup based on NS 2.35.

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