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The network covers several industry segments, including; certifications, information security, network and server administration, and voice over IP (VoIP).

Our audience demographic consists of educated security professionals who hold technical or corporate management job titles within the information technology marketplace.

Ad Types accepts several different ad formats and often designs custom campaigns depending on the organizations audience requirements, budget, campaign duration, and the amount of exposure needed.

Some of our most common types of ads consist of:
•160×600, and 300×250 pixel banner ads
•150×150 logo followed by a 40 character linked title and 200 character description
•Category specific text ads
•Newsletter sponsorship

In general we work on a CPM basis for banner ads. Some text ads may be displayed for a specific length of time or work on a CPC basis. Newsletter sponsorship rates vary.

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In general, we find that the highest ROI is achieved when we talk with the advertiser to determine exactly what they need. Whether you are looking for brand awareness or simply as many demographically specific eyeballs as possible, you will find that the folks at will provide excellent support and answer any questions.